Upgrading Livestock Yards

  • Rain Water Drainage – 2 numbers
  • Waste Management: Concrete Platform with Soak Pit and Approach Road - 2 platforms
  • Boundary Fence (Barbed Wire: 5 rows and Mild Steel Angles for posts,  with gate)
  • Desk Top Computer, Peripherals and Accessories with Information Network Facilities.
 Financing of activities:
  • For financing of the indicative activities listed above, a Full Project Proposal (FFP) for each of the LSM or SRY will be required. MACP will be providing 100% financial assistance for implementing the activities approved in the FPP.
  • For preparation of FPP, a Service Provider17(SP) will be engaged by MACP.
  • Each of the selected LSM or SRY will be eligible to prepare and submit FPP costing up to a maximum of Rs. 70 lakhs and Rs. 40 lakhs, respectively.
 Engagement and role of SP:
  • The SP will be selected through a competitive bidding process by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU)- MSAMB as per procurement process agreed with the World Bank.
  • The selected SP will prepare the FPP with detailed estimated cost for financing from MACP.
  • Some of the main functions of the SP in addition to preparation of FPP will be preparation and submission of bid evaluation report, preparation of contract document and construction supervision 18.
 Contents of FPP :-
  • Design layouts
  • Cost Estimates
  • Bills of quantities
  • Bid document
  • Feasibility Report
 Preparation and processing of FPP:
  • The SP will conduct a market study of the selected LSM or SRY prior to preparation of the FPP.
  • The SP will prepare the FPP in consultation with the livestock farmers, traders, commission agents and APMC functionaries (stakeholders input regarding identification of investments to be made in the market is most critical).
  • The FPP will be submitted to the Management Committee (MC) of LSM or SRY.
  • The MC will review the proposal and if satisfied, will pass a resolution for forwarding the FPP to the