Upgrading Livestock Yards

the project  
Finalization of FPP SP 3 month from the date of hiring SP  
Approval of FPP LSM/SRY 1 month from the date of finalization of SP  
Finalization of Bid Documents SP 15 days from approval of FPP  
Advertisement for Bids PIU-MSAMB 7 days from finalization of bid documents  
Receipt of Bids PIU 30 days from advertisement of bids  
Evaluation of Bids PIU 7 days from receipt of bids  
Decision on bids received PIU Immediate  
Award of Contract LSM/SRY 7 days from communication of decision by Nodal Officer  
Initiation of work by contractor LSM/SRY/
7 days from receipt of work order.  
Supervision of work – major deviations and faults RE/MFE Within 3 days after notice  
Decision on major deviations and faults PIU-MSAMB Within 7 days after receipt of complaints  
Generating the package for payment
  • Measurement
  • Entry into measurement book
  • Finalization of bills of quantity
  • Preparation of package for payment
  • Recommendation by Chairperson of APMC (LSM)
  • Clearance for payment from DDR
Contractor/SP/LSM/ SRY
Every 3 months
Within 3 days from measurement
3 days from measurement
3 days from preparation of bill to APMC
7 days from receipt of bill