Warehouse Receipts Development

Under MACP, 40 warehouse of Maharashtra State Warehousing Corporation (MSWC) have been selected. These warehouses will provide warehouse receipt credit for the agricultural produce stored and provide the option of online trading through commodity exchange.
 In addition, 40 godowns of Agriculture Produce Market Committees (APMCs) within the vicinity of MSWC warehouse have been identified which will provide warehouse receipt credit to the farmers against the storage of agricultural  produce.
Activities to be supported:

MACP will provide financial assistance as below-

a) For MSWC warehouse

- upgrading  of existing godown/Renovation of Godown.
-  Setting up computers for online trading.
-  Electronic weighing scales.
-  Price information ticker
-  Setting up quality assessment laboratory.

b) For APMC godowns

- Renovation of Godown
- Setting up computers for on line trading.
- Electronic weighing scales
- Price information ticker
- Setting up quality assessment laboratory.
Financing of Activities

  • An investment of Rs.15.00 Lakhs per MSWC warehouse will be made for the upgradation of the warehouse. The total cost of Rs. 600.00 Lakhs for the 40 MSWC warehouses will be entirely provided under MACP as grant.
  • Investment on repairs of APMC godowns and equipments to the tune of Rs. 9.00 Lakhs will be made for each APMC godown. The cost of Rs. 360.00 Lakhs for investment on 40 APMC godowns will be made under MACP as project grant.
  • An amount of Rs. 96.00 Lakhs will be provided under the project for the purpose of awareness generation, training and capacity building (@ Rs.2.40 lakhs each for 40 locations)
  • Rental and manpower support will be provided from MACP @ Rs.2.40 lakhs for each of the 40 locations. An Amount of Rs. 96.00 lakhs for the same is provided under MACP as project grant.
 Process of Implementation:

The  PIU - MSAMB will give advertisement for the bidding of investment to be made in MSWC warehouses (for