Warehouse Receipts Development

repairs of godowns and goods and equipments) and in APMC godowns (for goods and equipments).

  • The repairs of the godowns of APMC costing around Rs. 2.00 lakhs per APMC will be undertaken by the concerned APMC by adopting the method of shopping.
  • The APMC may seek 3 quotations  from different  agencies under shopping procedure and finalize the contractor from the quotations received.
  • The award of contract will be given by the MSWC and the concerned APMC.
  • The Assistant Manager (MSWC) in the PIU-MSAMB will liaise with the MSWC to oversee the executing of works at MSWC warehouse and also for the subsequent implementation of the activity.
 Process of major deviation:
  • Based on the report received from the MFE, in PIU-MSAMB, the Nodal Officer PIU, MSAMB will call a meeting of Contractor, MFE, Asst. Manager (MSWC) in PIU-MSAMB, Civil Engineering Specialist (PIU-MSAMB), Officer in Charge (APMC) in PIU, MSAMB and Technical Officer-Civil from PCU.
  • The meeting will discuss the deviations and provide written recommendation for further action.
 Payment process for works completed:
  • For the MSWC warehouses, the contractor and the technical personnel of MSWC will prepare measurements of works that are completed. Based on the measurements taken, the Contractor will prepare the Bills of Quantity (BOQ).
  • For the APMC godowns the Contractor and the Secretary of the APMC will prepare measurements of works that are completed. Based on the measurements taken, the contractor will prepare the BOQ.
  • The measurements as per the generated BOQ will be entered into the measurement book (MB) issued by the PIU, MSAMB.
  • The MB will be signed by the contractor, and the technical personnel of the MSWC for works of MSWC warehouses and by the APMC Secretary for work of APMC godowns.
  • The MFE will check 5 % of the generated BOQ in the presence of the Contractor and Secretary APMC for APMC works only.
  • The