Warehouse Receipts Development

  • MFE will certify the BOQs for processing that are as per agreed terms and conditions for APMCs only.
  •  However, if there are variations in the generated BOQs, the MFE will inform the contractor and secretary APMC to review and rectify the BOQ.
  • The verified BOQ will be referred in the MB and signed again by the contractor and secretary APMC.
  • The generated BOQ will be sent to the DDR by the Chairman APMC (for works pertaining to APMCs only) for release of payments.
  • The project accountant in the DDR office will take the entry of the package and issue a receipt note with a number as received in the register.
  • The DDR with the support of the project accountant and drawing and disbursing officer will prepare bill for drawing the payment from the treasury within 7 days of the receipt of the latter from the beneficiary institution.          
  • The treasury payment and the beneficiary account payment will be via account payee cheque in the name of the contractor or through core banking to the contractors account. (Note: The MFE will give specimen signatures of the contractor to office of the DDR for facilitating the withdrawal of payment from treasury through core banking.)
  • For all cheques or release of payment through core banking, the project Accountant will maintain a register for recording payments from the treasury with dates and release of payments to the contractors with dates.
  • The aforementioned steps will be followed till the final payment is realized to the contractor as per terms and conditions outlined in the contract.
Business Process Standards:


Sr. No. Key Business Process Accountable Unit Agreed Standards
1 Advertisement for Bids PIU, MSAMB As soon as project is sanctioned
2 Award of Contract MSWC/APMC 1 month after advertisement
3 Initiation of work contract MSWC/APMC/Contractor 7 days from receipt of work order
4 Supervision of work-major deviations